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" it’s just a joke, relax! "

" you’re all overreacting! "

this is someone’s fucking daughter.

if you think anything about this is ok because it’s ” just a joke ” you’re a seriously disgusting individual. 

twitter normalizing pedophilia 

Im gonna fucking throw up

thats a child….. she literally look 5

This is the most disgusting thing i seen in a while she look 5 how can u be attracted to and/or joke about doin bad things with her. How is this funny.

Not even 5. Try 3 or 4 y’all. THIS IS A BABY. This is not funny in any way. This is pedophilia. This little girl probably can’t even spell her name and she is being exploited for twitter “jokes”. THIS IS FUCKING SICK. If you’re active on twitter, please report this shit if you see it. This is unacceptable. 

Wow.. i’m utterly disgusted 

This is horrifying

#tw sexual abuse #tw paedophilia #trigger #trigger warning
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I dont understand why, for a girl to be considered badass and strong in movies and books, she has to be tomboyish, not wear makeup and not like girly things?

Girls should be allowed to put on lipstick and flowery dresses then conquer the world by crushing the necks of their enemies under their 6 inch heels

Y’all need Buffy.

Buffy is the best of the best

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Finally got up the courage to speak French to a French customer (of which I get several each shift) and it was scary and I was shaking for like five minutes afterward I don’t know why it’s so scary I’ve been studying French for years?

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Managed to sleep through my Disability appt, a Stats lecture, and a French tutorial, and now I have two hours until I have to be at work.
Really fucked off about missing Stats though, it is only the second week of semester and I can’t afford to miss a SINGLE class

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Me and the Mountain by Rodney Allen

Mount Taranaki/Egmont (2518m) and tarn on the Pouakai Rangers, New Zealand. I spent a cold night beside the tarn waiting for completely still water. This happened just before sunrise, with the full moon about to set.

You can see more of Rodney’s photography on Flickr.

Image copyright Rodney Allen and used with permission.


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oh this, and all of this.

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So I just found out that to be an astronaut you can’t be under 5’2” and this is BULLSHIT I never wanted to be an astronaut until I found out I couldn’t and now I feel like a dream has been crushed fuck you NASA

#is it okay to be right on 5'2''? #I was going to audition as a hobbit extra because they needed people 5'2'' or less #but you had to be living in Wellington #and I was still in Napier at the time #which is dumb
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Olivier Messiaen looking into Iannis Xenakis’ pocket.

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There is no way that it’s 8 degrees out there. -1 definitely sounds more accurate.
They reckon it might snow?
I just really want a cigarette but there’s no way I’m going outside right now

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RouRou | via Tumblr en We Heart It.

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David Bowie, Iggy Pop and Lou Reed

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leanne surfleet

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I just really fucking miss being a kid sometimes you know? Not having to work - carefree weekends where the biggest worry was homework. And like it’s not even the having to pay for things so much as the fucking COORDINATION of everything. Although it’s kinda shit when you need new linen or more moisturiser or something and you have to save up for weeks to be able to afford it.
But I just miss the security, you know? Being able to go home and know that there’s food to eat, food that has actual nutritional value, and cats that love you and parents that love you and know how to fix things and I just miss having someone to fix things

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Lost my wallet on the way home from work I’m such an idiotic absent-minded FUCK god i hate myself

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